Values are an important part of our culture at Calbee UK

Shouting about values is nothing new – in fact companies have been doing it for years – but the difference at Calbee UK is that we live by them, they are a fundamental part of our make-up and what makes us tick. 

When we were planning the launch of Calbee UK we spent a great deal of time looking at what we felt was important to us and then how we could implement these things throughout the company to create a personality and culture that we could be proud of. 

We all agreed that we wanted to gain the respect, admiration and love of our customers, colleagues and suppliers. Using ‘love’ within a corporate statement isn’t the norm but then we wanted to push boundaries and to be held accountable for making these things happen.

What we have noticed over recent months is that we are becoming well-known for our values and this is a significant step forward for us. We know that when people call our suppliers they are stakeholders in our business and so can confidently share our values with others. 

In addition they can provide people with examples of how we work and how our attitude differs to other organisations as a direct result of our values. As a business that wants to be recognised as a leading supplier of savoury snacks in the UK within the next 5 years, we know that through our values, along with an honest and open approach with those we work with. We can set strong foundations for the future.

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