Putting our values where our partnerships are

We live by our values. Let me clarify that statement, we don’t just say that we do, we really do. So, when we were choosing which charitable and community organisations we wanted to get involved with we were mindful that it had to be about more than writing a cheque.

During our first year we were approached by the Ahead Partnership, a social enterprise that works across the county to bridge the gap between education and business. Taking the time to recognise that school aged children need guidance, experience and aspiration, the Ahead Partnership fits these pieces together and makes the steps into the working world easier.

It’s not all about the children though - although this is the focus - it’s also about providing businesses with the opportunity to give something back and that’s what really struck a cord with us.

We wanted to offer our time to make a real difference and this programme would allow us to do just that. As a business we want to embed ourselves into the communities in which we work and to understand the challenges that they face in order for us, where possible, to do something about it.

As a result of the relationship we have with the Ahead Partnership we have an exciting schedule of activity that will see all of our Calbee colleagues, and even some of our extended network, getting involved with schools throughout the East Leeds area.

We want to share our values and to showcase the kind of company that does exist for those who have aspirations to work in an FMCG business. We want to share skills and to discuss our own stories and experiences, which are all very different. Overall we want to facilitate change and to make sure that as many young people as we are able to influence recognise that they can be whatever they want to be if they put their minds to it.

The first events we have been involved with were a careers day at John Smeaton Academy and the Leeds City Region STEM for girl’s event at Leeds Beckett University. Both were really inspiring giving our colleagues a real insight into the challenges that face young people today.

Coming out of both events feeling energised, we are already better equipped to show our support for the talent of tomorrow. We should be investing in our young people and as a business this is something that we, Calbee UK, are going to champion.

Next on our agenda is a visit to four local schools. In fact we have arranged for an extra special guest and friend of Calbee UK to meet with the students and teachers to talk about being an inspiration and how you strive to be world class. Watch this space for more details.

We’re sure it’s going to be a fun, engaging and possibly even a life changing day for us all.


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