Calbee UK Shares Insights and Expertise

Given that Calbee is a game changer in the UK savoury snack market, it seemed only fitting that we should take centre stage at the Game Changers in Consumer and Retail event last month. The annual event, hosted by White Cap Consulting, is a fantastic opportunity for brand owners, service and product providers to gain valuable insight from recognised industry experts based in the northern business community. As a leader in the better for you savoury snack market, we were thrilled to be able to share our knowledge and expertise. With 52% market share in Japan, Calbee arrived in the UK with a strong pedigree, but we needed to fully understand the UK market and its consumers, taking account of macro and micro trends before setting our market strategy. We chose to position ourselves in the better for you segment of snacking in response to the consumer trends we were experiencing. The category growth potential for healthier snacks was clear and gave us the opportunity to create a clear point of difference for Calbee versus the established supplier base. We built on this point of difference by investing heavily in consumer research, bringing a fresh perspective and new insights to the retail trade. This approach has helped us to secure listings for our brand, Yushoi, in leading retail stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-op and Whole Foods Market. In addition to sharing our market strategy with attendees, we also highlighted the importance of branding our products to create relevance, distinctiveness and credibility with consumers. By sharing our journey and the experiences that we have had to date at events such as Game Changers, we hope to provide our audience with relevant insight into the ways that we do things, which they may consider adopting and adapting for their own businesses. As Calbee’s representative on the Game Changer main stage, it was an honour to be able to share our story so far and to relay our passion for making tasty snacks which are better for you and better for everyone! Hugh Taylor Category Insight Controller

  • Hugh Taylor Shares Insights and Expertise