The Calbee promise:our commitment
to a healthier future

As you are aware, we take our influence from Japan, where they make great tasting snacks but are also very conscious of the way that they engage with the people that they work with.

In Japan, the Hanko is to authenticate official documents by individuals and organisations. The symbol is made up from a range of over 6,000 Japanese Kanji characters. Its earliest recorded use was in AD 57 by the ruling Japanese dynasties.

The Calbee Hanko

The Calbee Hanko translates into English as “Promise” and we thought we would use this to show our commitment to making great tasting snacks that are better for you and better for everyone.


The Calbee promise is our commitment
to a healthier future

The Calbee Hanko shows our customer how we wish to act and the high standards we hold ourselves accountable against. We have a responsibility as a food manufacturer with over 65 years of global experience to help to shape a healthier future and contribute to a better world for everybody.


We approach our commitment in 3 simple ways:

What we believe

It’s simple really. We want more people to have the chance to choose great tasting snacks that are better for you. Every product that Calbee manufactures will be both tasty and a healthier alternative. All of our products will have clear and discernible benefits for example, Yushoi Snapea rice sticks are both high in fibre and a source of protein but the range does not compromise on taste. At Calbee taste and better for you go hand in hand, giving you greater choice and options that sit outside of fried crisps and high fat snacks.

Encouraging healthier lifestyles

Leading a healthier lifestyle is not just about what you eat but also about how you live your life. At Calbee we recognise we have a responsibility as a food manufacturer to provide you with options in relation to the snacks that you choose, while also contributing significantly to the health of the nation.

We continue to work hard to come up with new and exciting snacks using advice and guidance from leading food technologists and health experts including dieticians and nutritional experts.

Building on our commitment to offering healthier options we are also investing in a number of initiatives that we will be promoting to support our campaign which will cover dietetic, food, recipes, sport, exercise and other nutritional forms of well-being.

Our appointed dieticians/nutritionists will also be contributing dietetic, food and recipe advice in the near future. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter, visit our website or contact us for more regular updates.

How we do things

We take our responsibilities as a credible food manufacturer very seriously and are committed to meeting the obesity challenge.  As such, we hold ourselves to a strict set of guidelines when developing our products. Here are a list of some of them.

Continuously lowering salt levels

Our products currently exceed 2017 Food Standard Association salt reduction targets. This means they have lower salt levels than the FSA is recommending.

Accessibility for all

All of our products are made at a nut, peanut and sesame seed free factory.
All of our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
We work hard to minimise any allergens in our products where possible.

A simple and clear approach to nutritional labelling

From the very outset we wanted to ensure that our products would be clearly labelled.  This means that nutritional labelling, which refers to both portion and serving, as well as front of pack guidelines that use colour coded symbols, are standard across our range.  We have made a committment to our customers to be honest and transparent at all times.

A straight forward list of ingredients

Listing ingredients doesn't have to be difficult, so we make it as simple as possible.
We know that people want to know what is in the products that they purchase. That is why we use clear, simple discriptions that list everything - after all, there is nothing to hide.

No MSG, no artificial colours or flavours - not now, not ever!

Great taste! – Last on our list here but where all of our development starts. We commit to making great tasting snacks that are better for you and better for everyone.