We are an award winning business committed to
developing a full range of delicious snacks for the UK market
that are low in salt, sugar and fat.

We are a dedicated team that have fun while we work hard to develop a range of great tasting savoury snacks.  We understand that the customer wants to enjoy snacks that have great flavour and texture, so we're using lovingly harvested vegetables to create products that meet with these needs, without compromise.

Although this is the first time that Calbee has come to the UK, the company is actually a £1.2bn global business. Founded in Japan more than 65 years ago, Calbee is one of the largest snack companies in the world.

With more than 3,300 colleagues across 12 different countries, Calbee UK forms part of a much bigger picture.

Actually, the success of the business is quite an achievement considering the company was first established in 1949 by Mr. Matsuo, a man who wanted to address post-war malnutrition in Hiroshima, Japan.

Today, Calbee has the privilege of being listed amongst some of the largest and most well-known Japanese businesses in the world and we are very proud to be a part of that snacking dynasty.

Our journey as Calbee UK - with our commerical operation in Leeds and a world-class production facility in Deeside - has just begun but there is no doubt that we will be adding our very own chapters to this growing snacking success story in the years to come.